Building collaborations

At Van der Voort Potplanten we work with other leading players. Only by entering into collaborations and building networks can we address the challenges of the future. That is why we are delighted to enter into long-term relationships with companies, organisations and bodies within our sector. You travel faster alone, but you get further together. We thereby always strive for the optimum balance.

Even greater connection

We are keen to enter into a relationship if we see that we can both offer and gain added value. For example with Decorum, Air So Pure, What Women Want and Greencre8. This engagement is just as essential as the heat exchanger in our geothermal network: it ensures warmth, dynamism and efficiency in collaborations. We like that!


Hence we are a grower with Decorum. That is the premium brand of over fifty Dutch growers, all family businesses that are now in the third or fourth generation. We are proud to be part of that. If you are a grower with Decorum, that guarantees quality. In addition, at Decorum we are surrounded by other top people in the trade and learn from one another in all sorts of areas.

Air So Pure

You can only become a member of Air So Pure if you grow plants whose healthy effects on people have been scientifically proven. The presence of Air So Pure plants purifies the air and therefore ensures a healthy climate in the home or office. Enhanced well-being, enhanced productivity and less absence due to illness! Our Spathiphyllum is one such intensely air-purifying plant which flowers abundantly and is also easy to care for. That is why we are a proud member of Air So Pure, a stable association within which close relationships have developed.

What Woman Want®

Since 2014 What-Women-Want® has been a collective where product developers assemble diverse collections with products from affiliated growers combined with trendy items that add value. That means we are all constantly familiar with the latest interiors trends, and we are able to supply our Spathiphyllums and Azaleas with pots that match the trends and customers’ requirements.


Combine the outstanding knowledge of various growers about their plants with the creative ideas of Greencre8 and you end up with spectacular new products that fit with the market. Greencre8 started developing and adding value to flowers and plants in 2012. This creative collaboration results in new ideas and extremely special products every year, with which we conquer the market together.

“We have a challenging collaboration with Van der Voort where we are both aiming for the same thing, all striving for a creative and colourful future”

Richard Grootscholten, Greencre8

“Decorum is the premium brand in floriculture, representing quality, innovation and sustainability. Van der Voort Potplanten is a leading member in all three of these areas. They always supply the most beautiful Spathiphyllums and Azaleas, and are constantly innovating with their own breeding programme. And all that is done as environmentally friendly as possible.”

Ron Kloos, algemeen directeur, Decorum

“Our on-trend collections at What-Woman-Want® could not exist without the attractive range of Azaleas and Spathiphyllums from Van der Voort Potplanten. This long-term collaboration has created a win-win situation for both parties. And I am delighted by that!”

Marcel Boom, What-Woman-Want®

“The attractive range of Spathiphyllums strengthens our broad Air So Pure offering and thereby provides great added value for our customers. Van der Voort Potplanten is an active member of Air So Pure. Van der Voort Potplanten’s progressive approach and engagement contribute to the further development and growth of Air So Pure!”

Ronald van Schie, Brand manager, Air So Pure